What does sustainability mean for SAISEI?

Nowadays sustainability is a concept used by many brands, but few of them really explain what they mean and how they plan to make sustainability something real.

For us at SAISEI, sustainability, is not of the words that belongs to us, it is The one that defines us.

Our mission states is clearly: we exist to bring emotions by reinventing materials, through reuse, recycle and sustainability.

We believe that sustainability is a journey, something to tend towards, something to work on. It is not something you do, something that you reach once for all. It is the endless research, day by day, to lower our impact, to reuse ancient materials and give them a second life, to work with partners that have sustainability as a founding value.

For every accessory we create, we analyze deeply all the components and we chose the most sustainable way to make them real. Sometimes it’s easy, most of the times it’s not. Our approach is anyway to create something with a lower impact if compared to what we created a month ago, a week ago, or even yesterday.

We want to invite you to join us in this journey, a process that will take us slowly, product after product, improvement after improvement, to create the bag where all the elements will be fully sustainable and the consumers conscious of their choice.

Hard to achieve? We’ll see.