In Japanese, Saisei means REBIRTH and RECOVERY.

From here, from recovery, our journey begins, with a trip into the past to give new life to materials that have been forgotten, made of unique and original pieces which stand out for the use of old heap bed-sheets handwoven or recycled military materials then treated and regenerated.

But not only unique pieces, SAISEI is the result of the combination of alternative materials and contemporary design.

SAISEI is consciousness, design and uniqueness.

Imperfections of the materials become the strength of each product, giving more energy to their beauty.


I have a degree in architecture, and I worked for 10 years in my family business, which works with natural stones, before choosing to follow the call of research about materials reuse.

I believe that recover things is part of my DNA. When I was a child, as I used to go with my father to find abandoned materials and witnessed their rebirth.

This had a great impact on me and on my professional choices. As all the stories, this as well has a clear starting point: while rebuilding our grandma’s house, I found a closet full of hemp rolls, something my great-grandma was working on during war time. In that moment I deeply fell in love with those materials and I understood I had to build something unique out of those rolls, to pay tribute to my great-grandma’s job.

There I started visiting local and streets markets, upholsterers’ shops and anywhere else I feel I can find fabrics with a story to tell.

This is what SAISEI is all about