Handmade handbags made in Italy

Handmade handbags made of high quality natural materials.

You can buy them now in our online store: canvas, leather, eco-friendly fabrics and recycled materials. Unique items or in limited edition, handmade with authentic craftsmanship and expertise, exclusively Made in Italy.

A trendy and fashion must every woman should own: shabby chic leather bags or XL shoulder bags, designed with recycled materials, thus transforming materials into an eco-friendly reuse becoming a “real artistic work”. The Saisei bags of the Hand-Painter collection become into stunning canvas where creativity and love for art find their best expression.

I graduated in architecture and worked for 10 years in the family company dedicated to processing natural stones. I decided then to follow my passion for research and reuse.

Recycling has been maybe part of my DNA, since as a child I joined my father in his search for abandoned objects and assisted to their magical rebirth. This experienced for sure influenced my professional choices.

Like any story, this one too had a beginning: during the refurbishment of my grandmother’s house I found a closet full of rolls of hemp, weaved by my great-grandma during the war most probably for some dowry.

I was then struck by the beauty of these materials full of history and I knew I had to create something unique, to give thanks and value to the silent work of so many great-grandmas!!!

That’s how I continued to search for materials in markets, by artisan upholsterers and anywhere I could find fabrics with a history: hence my warehouse, which gave birth to Saisei.

A collection of imperfect bags, dedicated to uniquely imperfect people.